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Monday, October 30, 2006

4a..love it...heheh

oh gosh..today is the first day of school reopen after 1 week holiday..
really miss my frens..hehe..they still the same..nothing change.but we are like just keep talk n talk..
boys, jokes, karaoke, shopping..oh gosh..the life after exam..
isn't tat fun???no worries..heheh
today just know some of the result..not bad..
but in my class..haiz..is all those smart ppl who just always get good result..heheh
so as for me>??
haha..is good then in class is just ok only..hahah but i'm satisfy wit tat..so nevermind!!!
who create tat??
oh gosh..just hope tat it is really a good thing..if not..studying is a bit funny...
nowadays just always hear teacher say our class this n tat...
the dicipline is not good, no respect..tis n tat.. all negative..
but SO WAT???
we are like tat..this is 2006 4 A n i lov it..hehe..!!
so rock it gurl!!!!


  • At 5:12 AM, Blogger JasonR said…

    WA!!! SO BAD.. onli miss fren no miss your KOKO here:'( HUH!! tomolo go skol cry for u see.. muahahahahha..

    lovely bro:P


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