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Sunday, October 29, 2006

secondary school life...part 1

hmn..now at nite...just on9,..listening to song called "i'm not missing you" by staccie orrico.. really nice..hehe
so now i'm form 4 i think a lot nowadays
bout my school life..
really had a fun wan...now still got 1 more year to go n my secondary school life will end..
form 1 is like totally a maniac, dunno wat.. just play n hav fun..
tats the word i only can describe during form 1..but heh..it it really fun..just like tat..no worries..

form 2 then noe tat must read so many subject..don't the government just ask us wat we wanna do in the future..then we just follow our ambition..heheh

form 3..the pmr thing..hehe quite stress but luckily get good result lah...all the hard work had paid lah!!

but for most students...
who experience secondary life..it is true tat form 4 is call the "honeymoon year"...

wanna noe y...??
later i will post...cause now feeling tired n sleepy..


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