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Thursday, November 23, 2006

secondary life part 2

is like taking ages for me to write this...
n no
think got months..
think i stop at form 4

FORM 4..!!!
everything change..ppl be mature..n sometime will think back the childish thing tat we did..
but really know a lot of new frens..
the bond is getting better n better...
the stress tat we hav also gain a lot..
studying in a great class sometime will be too much..
but at least got frens n family..
everything is fine..
n should i say..is good..

frens , frens n frens..
form 4, is ok..
though still got arguement..
minor wan..
everything is ok..
the frenship we hav for 4 years..
really will appreciate..

as form 4,
can go shopping, sing k...
thanks to my parents..
tat r being so generous..!!!
can hang out wit fren more often..=p

n for lov..
haiz..lots of lov
no wonder is called honeymoon year..
but in the end of year..
it will just automatically break..
not sure..hmn..
quite "fan" wit tat..
so don't think first...

n for the 2 month of HOLIDAY...
i will just hav fun.. fun fun
shopping, play ..!!
cause i know tat for next year..
is going to be a NO-GAME year...


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