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Sunday, December 31, 2006

2007!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!great year

now is just 1.18am...1-1-2007!!!!!!!!!!
hehhehe..can't go out countdown so i just on9 n plan to countdown together wit our online frens!!!!
heheheh...though my stupid com lag n stuck,
n i can't even wish them but at least..
i did something..
just tele to all my frens ( i tried my best!!!=p) n wish them!!!!
BYE BYE 2006...i really miss tat year...haiz..
really had so much fun time wit my frens n family...
in school..
chit chat, went out, shopping, shopping,shopping...=p
really hav a fun year..

for 2007,
all my frens know tat is going to be a study year..n gosh..
i HATE tat...
but too bad ..life must go on.. n after the spm...
u will see me n my frens...all..hahah
can't imagaine..cause got too many things to do..

n by the way,
school is going to reopen n i haven't do my mt project....
but WHO CARES???

latest news!!
this will be the day for me to "publish" my blog...


  • At 6:27 AM, Blogger JasonR said…

    hm.. happy new year to u man.. haha.. i forgot to u give u one more thing when i met u.. haha.. sorry ya.. so see when we meet up again onli i give u la.. haha:P

  • At 9:20 AM, Blogger JasonR said…

    mui.. my private blog pls..:)just updated


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